Sedition: An Uprising of Cumbrian Contemporary Artists

From 18 September, Tullie House opens a new exhibition celebrating the most innovative and challenging work currently being produced by contemporary artists in Cumbria. Much of the work being produced in Cumbria, whilst celebrated outside the region, is overlooked within it. Sedition has been designed to address this situation, to give a more representative picture of contemporary art practice in ...[Read More]

Magic Show Exhibition at Tullie House now Open

Magic Show 15 May – 4 July For some, the idea of magic suggests fantasy and illusion, while for others it signals a license to practice deception. Magic Show, a Hayward Touring exhibition, considers how art and magic often share common ground, and how some contemporary artists adopt the perception-shifting tactics of the theatrical magician to influence the viewer and explore the power of suggesti ...[Read More]

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