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Kiyotsune & Pagoda: Noh visits London

The 20th century literary critic Shklovsky considered the purpose of all art to be that of rendering things unfamiliar, strange and distant. Brecht thought this is necessary in theatre in order to make the audience critically aware of what is happening on stage. Unlike the dynamics of conventional entertainment – where individuals are encouraged to identify with the characters and the story ...[Read More]

Posing Questions @ Brunei Gallery

Being & Image in Asia & Europe: 21 January – 27 March 2010 @ Brunei Gallery, SOAS In 2008-9, five Japanese venues hosted a touring exhibition, Self & Other: portraits from Asia and Europe, which traced a history of intra- and intercontinental influence on the human image in paintings, sculptures and installations. Breaking visitor records, it was curated by cultural and art histo ...[Read More]

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