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Andrew Livingstone: Parallax View

A contemporary approach to the Tullie House porcelain collection Tullie House Art Gallery: 6 March – 9 May 2010 The Robert Hardy Williamson collection comprises over eight-hundred pieces of predominately 18th and early 19th century English porcelain from key English porcelain factories. The owner of a successful ship-building business at Harrington in West Cumbria, Williamson amassed this importan ...[Read More]

African Fever; performing ‘Africa’ in Europe

21st January – 27th March 2010 In 2008, a number of African-themed circuses were touring Europe. African Fever; performing ‘Africa’ in Europe is a collection of photographs from one of those tours, taken by photographer Jessica Kendall. Ms. Kendall spent three months with an African-themed circus tour that took her through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy – first as a PhD resea ...[Read More]

Cuba: 50 Years of Revolution

Between 27th January and 27th February Rich Mix puts together a selection of films + photography to explore the recent history of Cuba, taking a look at the island 50 years after its Revolution. Films: CUBA – 50 YEARS A film selection that complements Cuban Stories Photography exhibition at Rich Mix: three films, offering three different views on the Cuban Revolution. Soy Cuba, a Soviet mast ...[Read More]

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