Members Guide

A guide to using the site and member facilities at Artsphere.

Registering & Logging On

Registering with Artsphere is free. To register, go to and complete the registration form. You can also set up a blog when you register or you can choose to set a blog up at a later date.

Once you have registered you will be sent an activation email. To complete your registration you need to click the activation link in the email.

You can log in to the site from any page via either the admin bar at the top or the login form on the right hand side. Once logged in, you can click your name in the login form to navigate to your profile, or again use the admin bar at the top of the page.

Your Profile

The top of your profile displays your avatar (photo/image) along with your name, username and latest activity post (see the Activity section below for more on this).

Your username (@username) is a unique identifier for you that can be typed into any message on this site. You will be sent a notification and a link to the message any time it is used. Likewise, you can use other members’ usernames in the same way. These are called ‘mentions’, much like those used on the social networking site Twitter.

Profile menu / admin bar

Below the profile header is the Profile menu. Everything in the profile menu is also available via the admin bar at the top of the site, so you can access all the member functions from anywhere on the site.


Your Activity Stream is the first thing you’ll see when you visit your profile, and displays recent activity on the site. For those familiar with other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the activity stream is similar in nature to the news / home feed on these sites.

The default view for the Activity Stream is Personal, which shows your own recent site activity. Other options available via the Activity sub-menu are:

  • Friends – A stream of your friends’ recent site activity
  • Groups – Recent activity for any groups you are a member of.
  • Favourites – Any activity items you have marked as ‘favourite’ elsewhere on the site will appear here.
  • @your Mentions – lists all instances where your username has been ‘mentioned’.

You can also filter the results for any given feed – just select a filter from the dropdown box on the right of the sub-menu.

The input box at the top of the activity stream allows you to post an update, much like a status update on Facebook, or a tweet on Twitter.


Your profile allows you to share information about yourself with other members and users visiting the site. Public displays your profile as others see it. Select Edit Profile to add to and change your profile.

There are currently 3 profile sections:

  • Basic Information – including your name, short biog and web site links
  • What I Do – including your current job / position and the roles that best describe what you do
  • Education & Experience – including your education and recent project information

Remember to save your changes when editing your profile.

Finally, if you wish to upload or change your Avatar (image / photo) select Change Avatar to upload an image. If you already have a Gravatar we will use that.


Shows a list of your Artsphere blogs with links to them.

The number in brackets after the Blogs menu item denotes the number of blogs you currently have.


The Artsphere network comes complete with its own internal private messaging system to allow you to communicate with other members. The number in brackets after the Messages menu denotes the number of unread messages you currently have.

  • Inbox – Shows all received messages. To read a message, click the message title. To view the profile of the sender, click the sender’s name.
  • Sent Messages – Shows your previously sent messages.
  • Compose – Create and send a new message. Start typing a member’s name or username into the Send To box then select the appropriate user from the popup box. You can send to multiple users at once.
  • Notices – Notices are announcements sent out to all users by Artsphere.


Create friendships with other members to share ideas, network, find like-minded people, offer / find employment, discuss, and generally keep up to date with what they’re doing. You can request friendship with another member either via their profile or the Members Directory.

The number in brackets after the Friends menu item denotes the number of friends you currently have. To view and respond to friend requests, select Requests in the sub-menu.


Members can create any number of groups on any topic you wish. You may want to start a group about a particular project you’re currently working on, or join a group discussing a topic that interests you. You can view links to your groups and any Invites you have to join groups from other members.

You can create both public and private groups. Public groups are open to any member, whilst private groups require an invite from a group admin to join.

The number in brackets after the Groups menu item denotes the number of groups you are a member of.


Manage your Artsphere membership settings from here.

  • General – Change your registered email address and/or password
  • Notifications – Artsphere will send you email notifications when other members interact with you. You can set which notifications you wish to receive on this page.

The Jobs Board

You can view all the latest jobs at

If you are a recruiter you can post job ads for free on the Artsphere Jobs Board. To post a job, log in first then go to

Posting News

If you have a news item or press release you would like to see on the main site blog, please submit it to the Newsdesk ( – you will need to log in before you can post. We try to include all news, no matter what aspect of the creative arts you work in, or how large or small your organisation is.

Once you have submitted your news it is reviewed by our editors and then scheduled for publishing. We aim to publish all submitted news within 5 working days, so please allow time for the reviewing process. We publish articles Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm to ensure maximum coverage for all published articles.

We encourage you to include a good relevant image with your news item or press release, as this helps to draw the reader in from the home page teaser. It’s best not to just upload your logo, as whilst this might seem like an obvious choice, it rarely helps the potential reader to identify what your news is actually about.

Subscribing to content

A number of RSS and email feeds are available for you to subscribe to. All feeds are listed below:

Main site – All Artsphere published posts
Job Board
All jobs
General arts jobs
Art jobs
Dance jobs
Film and TV jobs
Literature jobs
Music jobs
Theatre jobs
Sitewide Activity – all Artsphere activity, including member activity and member blog posts

You can also receive content updates and other updates and offers via our social networking feeds:

Artsphere on Twitter
Artsphere Jobs Board on Twitter
Artsphere on Facebook
Artsphere on MySpace
Arts Hosting on Twitter
Arts Hosting on Facebook

Members Directory

Lists all site members or just your friends. You can filter the results by activity or alphabetically. You can also search members using the provided search box, so if you’re looking for a specific person enter all or part of their name or username. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a particular skill (e.g. composers or actors etc) or someone in a certain location, enter the appropriate keywords to be presented with a list of members matching your search results.

Groups Directory & Forums

Lists all groups, both public and private. You can filter the results by newest, number of members or alphabetically. You can also search the groups using keywords of your choice.

Most groups will have a forum attached where group members can discuss topics relating to their group.

Member Blogs

Lists all member blogs along with the title and time of the latest blog posting. You can filter the results by activity or alphabetically. You can also search the blogs using keywords of your choice.

Member Support

If you are having difficulty with any aspect of the Artsphere Members area you can raise a support ticket at

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