How It Works

What is Artsphere

Artsphere Creative Arts Network is just that – a network and meeting place for all those involved in the creative arts sector. Our vision is to help those working in the creative arts develop relationships, form connections and find resources. Our passion is to promote and support creativity, and to provide a platform through which our members and the arts sector as a whole can promote their work.

Who’s Behind Artsphere

Artsphere was founded by Michael and Jax Lovelock. Michael and Jax are both creative industry professionals who are passionate about promoting and supporting the arts.

Michael Lovelock

When he’s not running Artsphere, Michael is a professional musician, composer and musical director.
Having trained at Bretton Hall Arts College in the late 90’s Michael has over 10 years’ experience in the Creative Arts industry. He has directed numerous musical theatre shows at venues across the UK, including the West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Royal Albert Hall. As a composer he has written for the Teaching Awards and the opening ceremony of the 2009 GB Special Olympics. You can also find Michael’s music on iTunes.

Jax Lovelock

Jax trained as an actress at Bretton Hall Arts College in the late 90’s, specialising in Devised Performance. After graduating, Jax found herself teaching Drama and becoming a qualified teacher. Having risen to Head of Drama she felt it was time for a new challenge, and in between developing Artsphere she embarked upon a Playwriting Masters at Birmingham University and graduated with her MPhil in 2008. Since then, Jax has continued to work on her writing, in between the occasional spot of teaching and being a mother.

What Are Contributors

Contributors are volunteers from various areas of the creative arts who kindly give over some of their spare time and expertise to writing regular articles, reviews and content to Artsphere. You can read more about our contributors here.

How Do I Become A Contributor

Generally, we have enough contributors at present, but if you have a particular idea about content that we’re not currently including you can contact us via the contact form to tell us more about it.

Does Artsphere Pay Its Contributors

As Artsphere is a free service we’re unfortunately not in a position to offer any payment, but we can offer some great free publicity and a platform to promote yourself and your work.

What Are Partners

Partners are organisations and businesses that we work closely with, who share our vision and goals, often combining our resources and skills. If you believe your organisation would work well with us in a particular area, please do get in touch.

How Do I Get My News Or Event Published On Artsphere

There are two ways to get your news published on Artsphere. It’s not one or the other, you can do both.

  1. Sign up as a member (for free), then create your own blog (at ) and post your news on your blog. Don’t forget to tell everyone about your artsphere blog too.
    Sitewide blog posts are featured on the home page and elsewhere on the site, so visitors can spot your blog post before they even get there.
    We recommend this method for all standard news items, and general blogging.
  2. Sign up as a member (for free), then add your press release or news item via the newsdesk form. You’ll need to include an image to accompany your press release. We’ll review your item then post it to the main blog.
    We recommend this method for more significant news stories and press releases.

What’s A Member & How Do I Become One

A member is a registered site member, and as such can take advantage of the various member features available on the site, including member blogs, friend lists, groups, forums, adding events and more.

Does It Cost To Become A Member

Artsphere membership is free, as are all our member features.

What Features Do Members Have Access To

The main member features include:

  • Profile
  • Personal Blog in the form
  • Friends
  • Messages
  • Wire – like facebook wall
  • Groups & Forums
  • Events
  • Random members & groups featured elsewhere on site
  • Sitewide blog posts featured elsewhere on site

You can find out more about all the features in our members’ guide.

Can I Advertise My Job On Artsphere

We’re redeveloping our jobs board at the moment. In the meantime, you can post your ads to us and we’ll place them in the main blog.

I’ve Got A Great Idea – Who Do I Tell?

Tell us! If you have an idea for a site feature or something we should be covering, contact us via the contact form.

How Could I Increase My Publicity on Artsphere?

The key thing to increasing your publicity on Artsphere is to use the site. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Complete your profile and upload an avatar/image. It’s easier for people to interact with you if they know who you are and have a visual identity for you.
  • Make friends, create groups, use the forums – these are all straightforward ways to interact with other site members and increase your visual profile on the site.
  • Update your status, write on your wire – again, ways to communicate with the wider site.
  • Advertise – we have great rates for site advertising or sponsorship. Check out our advertising page for more details.
  • Donate prizes – If you would like to donate a prize for a competition we can, in return, offer free advertising for the month, plus a logo / web link to accompany the competition. Contact us to discuss donating a prize.

I’d Like To Advertise On Artsphere – How Do I Go About That?

Check out  our advertising page for details on how to advertise on Artsphere, or how to sponsor the site.

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