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Finding Creative Arts funding and support


Money is tight in the arts, unless you know where and how to look. Check out some of the creative funding, opportunities, advice and sources below.

You can also share your expertise if you …


  • provide funding
  • can recommend funding for particular creative disciplines
  • can point to advice for applying for funding

To share your expertise and advice with our members submit via our contact form and we’ll add to this list. We will also credit you / your organisation if you are part of the Artsphere Online Arts Directory which is free and quick to join.


Webhosting-1-3Quick guide to applying


  1. Thorough Research: Check out websites, read any information you can find including case studies when provided. Ensure you have specific knowledge of what each organisation provides BEFORE contacting them.
  2. Be visible: It’s always a good idea to have a website to point funding organisations to, so they have something to immediately see and understand when you get in touch. Whether you know your way around the web or are a complete beginner, Artsphere is here to help with all aspects of website creation via Arts Hosting.
  3. Contact the organisation: Get in touch via email, phone, social media or in person and present your thoughts and ideas – you’ll get up to the minute advice in most cases, and often tips on how to apply. If you can organise a meeting with a representative, go for it.
  4. Be prepared: When you meet with the organisation, or make your application, ensure you cover all that’s required and, if in doubt, contact them to check details.
  5. Keep going: If you don’t receive the funding, don’t worry. Ask the organisation if they can give you feedback and use it to help you with the next application. It’s likely that you’ll get better at it the more applications your complete!


Funding Sources, Advice and Support

  • Ideastap: Always a great source for young creatives to get their career off the ground. They share their own funding sources and external funds.
  • Know How Non Profit: If you want to set up a charity, social enterprise or community group, this is the place to find out all about it, including funding and fundraising.
  • Arts Council England: A Government Funded organisation for the arts and culture in England which allows organisations and individuals to apply for money to get their work off the ground.
  • Arts Council of Wales: Government funded organisation for the arts and culture in Wales which allows organisations and individuals to apply for money to get their work off the ground.
  • Arts & Business and Business in the Community: This organisation aims to “encourage and promote stronger partnerships between business and the arts.” They’re based in all four regions of the UK.
  • Kickstarter: This is a crowd-funding platform that allows artists to go to their audiences to fund their work. Well worth a look.
  • Indiegogo: Another global crowd-funding platform based in the USA.
  • Creative Scotland: Provider of various funding streams and bursaries.
  • British Council: The International Development Fund connects artists in England with artists across the world by funding projects as they get off the ground.
  • Curious Minds: Gives funding information for those wanting to work with children and young people in the UK.
  • Local Government Websites: Take a look at your local council website for various funding opportunities on your doorstep. A few are listed below, send us more links so we can grow this list for our users:
  • Space Studios: London based, offering residences and bursaries for those working across art, technology and ecology.
  • Youth Music Network: This organisation aims to support those who wish to “transform the musical experiences of young people”. Funding information can be found at.
  • Government Support for the Arts and Culture: A useful link to keep an eye on press releases and projects that the government are funding across the UK. Look at the “Latest” tab to keep up to date.
  • NESTA: A charity which supports those wishing to bring innovative ideas to life. They offer grants, direct investment and challenge prizes.
  • Creative Europe: Runs the Culture Sub-programme and Media Sub-Programme and aims to promote and share work across the EU. Various funding calls available.
  • The University for the Creative Arts: A great resources for links to funding opportunities, loans and saving schemes.
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