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Gala: A Review

A Stage Kindly presents Gala Sunday 9th October, Greenwich Theatre In the current climate of continued jukebox musicals and film adaptations (there’s even talk of Bend It Like Beckham, the musical!), it’s refreshing and unusual to find a company dedicated to developing, promoting and performing new musical works. A Stage Kindly, led by Giles Howe and Katy Lipson, is just that sort of c ...[Read More]

The Soul's The Thing: Dr Faustus, Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre, 8 Sept – 9 Oct

Dr Faustus is another excellent, darkly comic and deeply soul-searching production by the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Christopher Marlowe’s timeless classic about the man who sold his soul to the devil for 24 years of wild revelry, unbounded knowledge and magical powers, is a must-see for anyone who loves the play, the occult or simply enjoys being thrilled and spooked. It is impossible to ...[Read More]

Martina Cole's Two Women at Theatre Royal

The story of Susan Dalston could not have been staged anywhere else – Martina Cole’s Two Women fits perfectly with the Theatre Royal, Stratford’s first permanent playhouse since 1884. As Artistic Director Kerry Michael puts it: “Her authentic East End voice and passion for strong female characters makes this perfect material for us to explore on our stage”. Martina Cole, the author of 16 bes ...[Read More]

Grimm Tales

Fairy tales are currently appearing in theatres up and down the country; the British pantomime tradition takes popular fairy tales and dresses them up with men in drag, girls dressed as boys, slapstick, songs and the compulsory cries of ‘it’s behind you’. But if you like your fairy tales a little darker Grimm Tales at Manchester’s Library Theatre is the show for you. Children’s bookshelves are oft ...[Read More]

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Novello Theatre

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a painful play to watch. Often it will have you squirming in your seat at the harsh words uttered by one of the four impressive protagonists. Other times you will laugh out loud but Tenessee Williams doesn’t let you laugh for long. His impeccable writing gives laughter a hard edge as his words are soaked with bitterness on the lips of these desperate characters. This ...[Read More]

Dyssing Monadys

Reviewed: Wednesday 18th November 2009 The Horse, 122-124 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7RW Given the developments in diagnosing dyslexia over the past 30 years, it is still remarkably hard to find hard facts about the disorder. It is seemingly equally difficult to find out what to expect from dyssing monadys from the festival website. With this in mind, the reviewer went into this experience with ...[Read More]

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