Film Reviews

Katalin Varga

British director Peter Strickland’s debut feature is a stunning piece of work. Made on 16mm film and produced independently it was picked up by Libra productions and screened at the Berlin Film Festival where it was also nominated for the Golden Bear. Shot in the Transylvanian region of Romania, the story concerns a middle-aged woman who is left homeless when her husband finds out that she was rap ...[Read More]

Where the Wild Things Are

Spike Jonze’s latest directorial effort has been surrounded by much intrigue and inevitably much hype. Since his two collaborations with writer Charlie Kaufmann, Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, Jonze has amassed a cult following. So when word first got out that he had been chosen to adapt Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book Where the Wild Things Are excitement hit fever pitch, well at le ...[Read More]

We’re Not Going to Need a Bigger Film

2012 and the Onslaught of the Hollywood Blockbuster 2012 is an epic production and a culmination of all of its director’s prior concerns. One could go far as to state that it is perhaps the film Roland Emmerich was destined to make. It is also a huge headache which you will probably forget in a couple of hours, if you’re lucky. As I mentioned the film contains many of the trademark conventions of ...[Read More]

Review: Ramchand Pakistani

The following article is a review of Ramchand Pakistani, a film that was broadcast on Channel 4 in October as part of their Cinema Pakistan season. Whilst writing this article I became sidetracked with my opinions on the Pakistan film industry and the significance of a film such as Ramchand Pakistani emerging from this capricious environment. Believe it or not Pakistan once had a movie industry. L ...[Read More]

Up Keeps Pixar Flying High

Pixar’s latest animated offering has many strengths, and as original ideas go it is perhaps as impressive as anything to have come out of Hollywood this year. The story focuses on an elderly man, Carl Fredricksen, who attaches hundreds of balloons to his house in order to escape his mundane life. Intent on going to South America to fulfill an age-old promise, he is initially unaware of the presenc ...[Read More]

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