The Soul's The Thing: Dr Faustus, Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre, 8 Sept – 9 Oct

Dr Faustus is another excellent, darkly comic and deeply soul-searching production by the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. Christopher Marlowe’s timeless classic about the man who sold his soul to the devil for 24 years of wild revelry, unbounded knowledge and magical powers, is a must-see for anyone who loves the play, the occult or simply enjoys being thrilled and spooked. It is impossible to ...[Read More]

Fantasies, Follies and Disasters: The Prints of Francisco de Goya

There is still chance to catch a glimpse into Manchester Art Gallery’s impressive collection of over 90 Goya prints. The Fantasies, Follies and Disasters exhibition has been running since August, with a new display of 30 prints on show from early this year. Displayed in Gallery 11, which usually hosts the small and changing exhibitions, the collection pays homage to Goya’s controversial yet widely ...[Read More]

Kiyotsune & Pagoda: Noh visits London

The 20th century literary critic Shklovsky considered the purpose of all art to be that of rendering things unfamiliar, strange and distant. Brecht thought this is necessary in theatre in order to make the audience critically aware of what is happening on stage. Unlike the dynamics of conventional entertainment – where individuals are encouraged to identify with the characters and the story ...[Read More]

We’re Not Going to Need a Bigger Film

2012 and the Onslaught of the Hollywood Blockbuster 2012 is an epic production and a culmination of all of its director’s prior concerns. One could go far as to state that it is perhaps the film Roland Emmerich was destined to make. It is also a huge headache which you will probably forget in a couple of hours, if you’re lucky. As I mentioned the film contains many of the trademark conventions of ...[Read More]

Review: Ramchand Pakistani

The following article is a review of Ramchand Pakistani, a film that was broadcast on Channel 4 in October as part of their Cinema Pakistan season. Whilst writing this article I became sidetracked with my opinions on the Pakistan film industry and the significance of a film such as Ramchand Pakistani emerging from this capricious environment. Believe it or not Pakistan once had a movie industry. L ...[Read More]

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