About Us

Artsphere Creative Arts Network is just that – a network and meeting place for all those involved in the creative arts sector. Our vision is to help those working in the creative arts develop relationships, form connections and find resources. Our passion is to promote and support creativity, and to provide a platform through which our members and the arts sector as a whole can promote their work.

Artsphere was first launched back in 2005, after founder and musician Michael Lovelock was struck by what seemed like an obvious gap in the creative arts scene:

“When you work in the arts you quickly find that almost every project or job involves working with those across other art forms. Yet it seemed to me that there were few, if any, resources that looked to help connect people across the arts, that were truly multi-disciplinary.”

So Artsphere was born, to gather together individuals, freelancers and businesses from across the creative arts, both large and small. Since then, Artsphere has grown and developed, constantly looking to provide effective ways of supporting all aspects of the creative arts.

We’re excited about recent developments, including the advent of social networking in the members directory and member blogs. A move to a more magazine style content for the main site also paves the way for further content, with news (including your news), reviews and articles coming from a broad range of contributors. Despite the recent economic downturn, we believe 2010 will be an exciting year of growth, for all of us!

So if you’re involved in the creative arts – be it music, theatre, film, dance, art and design, animation, photography, poetry, literature, or fashion – Artsphere is for you. Register and create your member profile, write your blog, post your news and events, and join in the conversation!

To get started, find out more about how it all works and the services and tools available on Artsphere.

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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