Secret Boulevard – a scandalous new play

‘Secret Boulevard’ is a brand new play on the London Fringe, telling the tale of a scandalous gay love affair between two male movie stars in 1940s Hollywood.

Synopsis: Hollywood 1949. In an era of stifling movie production restraints and stars kept under oppressive control by their bosses, innocent young actor Patrick Glass feels the full force of the studios’ brute career-destroying power when he embarks on a scandalous love affair with his famous male co-star – the brooding and enigmatic Jackson Harper…

As the Hollywood powers-that-be and the prevailing social morality clamp down on this unacceptable romance and decide to tear it apart, the ramifications will still be felt forty years later in 1989…

The play’s inception began back in late 2005 when writer Dylan Costello was living in Los Angeles. Spending an unusually rainy day watching classic movies from the golden age of Hollywood, Dylan became fascinated by the reality back then of gay actors such as Montgomery Clift and Rock Hudson and how they dealt with hiding their true sexuality amongst the cogs of the great Hollywood Machine. Further research into the era uncovered truths and lies about the attitudes towards homosexuality in the 1940’s movie industry, especially when the moralistic Production Code was in full force, forbidding even the hint of sexually ambiguous behaviour on the silver screen. This was Hollywood after all, a twisted utopia where image, control, money and power were the only things that mattered. A place where the reality never matched the fantasy – and a world that required the forced suppression of one’s homosexuality should one want to keep their movie career. But this was the 1940’s and you would think that these homophobic attitudes would have been gradually erased over the last few decades. But the sad truth is that they haven’t and still to this day, gay actors are being asked to choose between their sexuality and their career… and so the Hollywood closet is as full as it ever was.

Written by Dylan Costello
Directed by Manolis Emmanouel

Set Designer – Ilaria D’intinosante
Costume Designer – Claire Thompson
Production Manager – Victoria Cartwright
Production Assistant – Caroline Babics


Tim Blackwell as George
Adam Blake as Jackson
Julia Effertz as Ava
James Hender as Lloyd
Sid Phoenix as Patrick
Anna Sambrooks as Candice
Dee-Dee Samuels as Nella
David Shackleton as Pat

Secret Boulevard premieres at the Courtyard Theatre in Hoxton, London on Tuesday 5th October 2010 and runs every Tues-Sun @ 7.30pm until Sunday 7th November 2010.

** Over 16s only. Contains strong language, male nudity and scenes of a sexual nature. **

Ticket Prices £15 full, £13 concessions.

Box office or 0844 477 1000 or 020 7729 2202

Press Night will be on Thursday 7th October with a drinks reception from 6.30pm.

For more details or any other enquiries please email

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