Conversation on Making: Lavinia Greenlaw & Cornelia Parker

Friday 1 October
7 – 8.30pm
Tickets £5, no booking fee
Call 020 7091 9650 to book

To continue with last year’s series of Conversations on Making, Siobhan Davies Studios welcomes Lavinia Greenlaw and Cornelia Parker to the building to talk about how they make their work. Siobhan Davies asks ‘What kind of constructions, limitations or questions do you put in place in order to begin and sustain a creative period?’

Their talk on the process of making will reveal two very different and personal experiences of how an artist makes work. They described their motivations behind the talk by saying ‘We will talk about poison and antidotes, hanging fire and drawing guns, Emily Bronte’s quill and Emily Dickinson’s dashes; the schism between material and process, between cause and effect, and about avoiding the object on purpose.’

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