Hackney Wickipedia Art Exhibition

Gadjee Collective Presents “Hackney Wickipedia”

The Gadjee Collective is a group of up and coming artists based mostly in London, but who hail from many different nations, including France, Canada, Germany, Poland and Britain. Their creative backgrounds are varied, but many of the… artists study at internationally renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

The collective was formed with the idea of mobility at its core, with the artists planning exhibitions in different European cities, responding to each place in a different way and with their own unique perspective. To date, the collective has organized, curated and created original work for three exhibitions, the first in London at the Rag Factory, with subsequent exhibitions in Dublin and Barcelona. We plan to exhibit in Milan and Munich later this year. The Hackney Wicked Festival would be the perfect opportunity for the collective to turn its talents to London once again.

“Hackney Wickipedia” is a group show which celebrates the Hackney Wick, touching on many random and dispersed historical facts upon which it has been founded and developed. Over the last few years it has regenerated, becoming a cultural magnet for creative individuals who have moved into the area, forming a community for themselves, making use of the industrial space and the resources it has to offer. This show comprises a group of artists from many different nationalities, backgrounds, cultures and identities who are outsiders of Hackney Wick itself. Each artist responds to Hackney Wick through their artwork with reference to either the history and/or the contemporary culture, relative to their own artistic interpretations. Their artistic media is: painting, drawing, sculpture, site-specific art, photography, video, performance and installation.

We also plan to have live music performances each night, most notably from Private Lives, a trio that is “more pop than Andy Warhol” (Don’t Panic Magazine).

Exibiting artists:

* Uli Blanchet (Ger)
* Tonga Schneider (GR) & Aurore Pelisson (FR)
* Sydney Southam (CAN)
* Roman Skyva (CZ)
* Matthew Miles (UK)
* Leo Cohen (UK)
* Konrad Wyrebek (POL)
* Hélène Butler (FR)
* Charlotte Kaye (UK)
* Charles Garcin (FR)
* Caroline LS Chang (UK)
* Anja Priska (Ger)
* Alix Marie (FR)
* Alice Walter (UK)

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