Serena Partridge: New Work at Ryedale Gallery

The Gallery at Ryedale Folk Museum shows new work by Serena Partridge from Saturday 26 June to Sunday 8 August.

Serena makes fantastical miniature pieces of attire inspired by a passion for European costume dating back some six hundred years. These tiny pieces form an imagined costume collection which creates a decadent foil to the rural exhibits of the Ryedale Folk Museum.

Serena’s particular interest is for the flamboyant fashions paraded by the wealthy élite, such as sixteenth century Venetian platform shoes rising to heights of twenty inches or the superfluous coiffures worn by Marie Antoinette. Although her works contain strong references to the past, Serena is not concerned with producing historically accurate replicas and classes her art as ‘sculptural textiles’.

The exhibition opens daily from 10am to 4.30pm. Contact Andrew Dalton for further details – T. 01751 417367

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