Zest Gallery announces the opening of Natural Selection, a major solo exhibition of work by glass artist Tolly Nason.

Tolly developed her skills under some of the most influential and eminent glass artists in Sweden and the United States. Her inspiration and passion lies within natural subjects and the theme of evolution. She travels extensively and does meticulous research so that her work is not only artistically beautiful but also scientifically correct.

Alongside her career as a glass artist, Tolly has a degree in textiles and works as a professional photographer. This diverse creative background is mirrored by the variety of glass techniques she employs. With pate-de-verre, she expresses the vulnerability of glass; this quality can be found in her most recent series Whimsicals. In contrast, her finch beak sculptures from the installation Seeing the Light: Finch by Finch show how solid and dense glass can be.

Seeing the Light: Finch by Finch explores the significance of the 14 Galapagos finches to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Made to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of The Origin of Species, several of these extraordinary works are included in this exhibition. Princeton University has purchased a number of the sculptures for the foyer of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, where Peter and Rosemary Grant, emeritus professors and the world authorities on Galapagos Finches, have validated their scientific merit.

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