Michael Cooper @ Pangolin

Through the medium of stone and bronze Michael Cooper has created a powerful body of sculptures; a jungle of animals so full of character and movement it would hard not to be captivated by their enchanting presence.

Oxfordshire based artist, Michael Cooper, is a master of stone carving. His technique means that mass and gravity are ever present in the animals he depicts. Indeed the essential character of his subjects are allowed to materialise through the slow process of chipping away at blocks of intractable stone.

Many are familiar with Cooper’s work by his high profile public commissions of recent years. Cooper’s ability to depict the sheer force of the animals he sculpts has led to countless commissions, including a 4 ton Gorilla for Lord Carrington’s Sculpture Garden, a 5ft Bear for Bicester Village, Oxfordshire and a reclining figure carved in Travertine Marble for Covent Garden.

For the lucky few Cooper’s work has been sighted at his wife, Julie Giffiths’s, notorious restaurant, The Sir Charles Napier. Set upon a hill overlooking the Chiltern Beechwoods, Cooper’s animals stand proud in their idyllic surroundings. With an occasional make shift helipad on the lawn, made out of Kitchen plates spelling a wobbly ‘H’, the Charles Napier attracts the elite far and wide, who have continually expressed a passion for Cooper’s sculpture. It is long overdue that a comprehensive collection of Cooper’s work is accessible to a wider audience. The summer exhibition at Pangolin London will have creatures, great and small, inhabiting both the gallery and the outside spaces at Kings Place.

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