Fallis in Wonderland

Fallis In Wonderland5 May – 3 July 10

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy, “Alice in Wonderland,” Fallis uses humour and absurd distortion to draw our attention to the issues that trouble her – mass consumerism, scientific distortion and environmental destruction: “When we consider our planet and its entire species we really are living in a wonderland,” she says. “In these works I am concerned about the growing divide between human kind and nature.”

After a year long residency at Kings Place, Abigail’s new found technical bravado, along with access to the skilled metal workers at Pangolin Foundry, has resulted in an exhilarating body of work, founded on surrealism and craftsmanship. This exhibition includes sculptures and works on paper made form a variety of materials including bronze, silver, plaster and papier mache.

A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition and Abigail will give a talk about Fallis in Wonderland as part of the Talking Art Series on Monday 17th May.

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