William Tucker @ Pangolin

An Exhibition of sculpture, maquettes, prints & drawings

William Tucker’s sculpture masters a unique balance between the figurative and the abstract with truly powerful results. His works are expressive in their mass and bring emotional gesture to a solid core.

An ambiguity of image means that direct interpretations are often elusive, however as a result of this his intricate surfaces and complex forms provide endless enjoyment and intrigue.

This is Tucker’s first major solo show in the UK since his exhibition at Tate Liverpool in 2001. His numerous accolades include representing Britain in the 1972 Venice Biennale, publishing one of the most distinguished sculpture publications ‘The Language of Sculpture’ in 1974 and becoming a Royal Academician. Tucker also won the Jack Goldhill prize for sculpture at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2009 and has also been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award this year by the International Sculpture Centre.

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