Evolving Artsphere

It won’t have escaped your notice that in recent weeks the site has changed a little in terms of layout and design.

As the relaunched site has grown in both use and content, we’ve been working on ways to help the site evolve and grow with the needs of our users. To that end, we’ve upgraded the members area and improved the layout and design of the site to make it easier to navigate your way around and essentially, easier to interact with the site and each other.

So, here’s what’s happened in the next stage of Artsphere’s evolution:

New Site Layout

We’ve updated the overall site layout and design. In particular we’ve changed the home page to make it easier to read the recent posts. You can also now use the page navigation at the bottom of the home page to page through all the previously published posts.

Profile Improvements

We’ve changed around the member profiles to make it easier to navigate around your profile. It’s also much easier for other members to find out about you and connect with you. The introduction of @mentions also means other members can ‘mention’ you in their own activity.

Activity Stream

We’ve added the sitewide Activity Stream to the main navigation menu. The much improved Activity Stream brings together what was previously the old Activity stream, your Wire and your status updates. You can reply to items on the Activity Stream, allowing for easy communication with your friends and other site members. You can also mark any activity item as a Favourite allowing you to indicate your liking of it, and easily find it later via your Favourites stream in your profile.

Artsphere Jobs Board

This week saw the launch of the Artsphere Jobs Board. Recruiters can post their job ads easily, quickly and for free via http://artsphere.co.uk/jobs/add/ (you’ll need to be registered / logged in), whilst job hunters can view all the jobs at http://artsphere.co.uk/jobs/ with recent jobs handily displayed in the sidebar of each page. You can also subscribe to receive job posts via RSS or email, and we’re working on bringing you recent job posts in the activity stream.

Member Support

Because sometimes you might need a little helping hand when using the site, we’ve added the ability for members to raise support tickets. You can raise a new support ticket at http://artsphere.co.uk/member-support/

We’ve also added a Members Guide which can be accessed via the About Us menu or directly at http://artsphere.co.uk/about/members-guide/

More in the pipeline . . .

These are pretty major improvements, but we’re not about to stop there! We’re already looking into some further useful tools, including Twitter integration, blogs, document and twitter integration for groups and a few other exciting developments. Get in touch if you have an idea for a feature that you’d like to see. As always, we’ll keep you posted, and do please let us know what you think of the improvements.

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