RWS Open Competition Exhibition

The Royal Watercolour Society Open Competition [formerly known as the 21st Century Watercolour Competition] is an open painting competition organised by the Royal Watercolour Society. An exhibition of successful submissions will be held at Bankside Gallery, London, next to Tate Modern, from 19th February -11th March. Admission is free, all the paintings will be in watercolour, acrylic, pen and ink or gouache, on paper, and are available to purchase.

Celebrating its twelfth anniversary, the competition is a passionate celebration of watercolour as a vibrant medium for the 21st century.  Unlike other painting competitions, the Royal Watercolour Society Open Competition identifies and supports artists of any age and is not prescriptive about size or subject matter. The diversity of chosen themes is one of the competition’s most entertaining aspects. It aims to encourage innovation in the use of water-based media on paper and to stimulate fresh approaches to what are considered to be watercolour’s unique strengths.

Prizes are awarded on the opening night, ranging from art materials, purchase prizes, a magazine article, and substantial cash awards.

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