Party! We are 10!

Come and celebrate with the New Art Gallery Walsall for our 10th birthday!
12 February – 18 April 2010 (free admission)


4pm – 9pm
Thursday 11 February 2010

Welcome by Stephen Snoddy, Director
DJ set by Gavin Turk
Performance by The Ken Ardley Playboys (featuring Bob and Roberta Smith)

6pm – 9pm, Floors 3 and 4, foyer and floor 1 activity room

As part of the celebrations, we are delighted to present this exhibition which will feature a consciously eclectic range of artists whose works will be linked through broad reference to the party, a theme which will extend across music, singing, dancing, food and drink, dress and decoration. Amongst the revelry will lurk darker and more sinister undercurrents!

Participating artists: Jonathan Allen, Michael Andrews, David Batchelor, Peter Blake, The Honourable Dorothy Brett, Angela Bulloch, Vanley Burke, Marc Chagall, Kent Christensen, Lucienne Cole, John Collier, Martin Creed, Cathy Daley, Judy Darragh, Graham Dolphin, Sean Dower, Frederick William Elwell, David Ersser, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Gilbert & George, Nan Goldin, Francesco de Goya, Anne Hardy, Frederick Daniel Hardy, Juneau Projects, John Kirby, Darren Lago, Jim Lambie, Mark Leckey, Colin Lowe, Roddy Thompson and Sarah Lucas, Seamus Nicolson, Chris Ofili, Martin Parr, Peter Peri, Eric Ravilious, Paula Rego, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Malick Sidibé, David Shrigley, Bob and Roberta Smith, Emma Talbot, Sam Taylor Wood, Juergen Teller, Andrew Tift, Spencer Tunick, Gavin Turk, Daisy de Villeneuve, Jane Wilbraham, Gillian Wearing, Yang Mian and Zhang Peng.

We are 10!
12 February – 18 April 2010
Garman Ryan Galleries 1 & 2, mezzanine

Birthday cards by artists who have contributed to our programme over the last 10 years.

Bob and Roberta Smith – Performance
4pm, Garman Ryan Galleries

Bob and Roberta Smith, together with archivist Neil Lebeter, are exploring the Epstein archive and presenting and interpreting it in their own unique way.
Examples of their work can be seen in the foyer, the Garman Ryan Galleries and the Window Box.

Mitra Memarzia – The Unwanted Gift Shop
4pm – 6.30pm, 7.30pm – 9pm, Artists’ studio

Transform your unwanted gifts into pieces of art! Visit artist Mitra Memarzia at The Unwanted Gift Shop and bring along your festive jumpers, kitsch ornaments and useless gadgets.

Anne Hardy, Untitled IV (Balloons), 2005. Diasec Mounted C-Type Print.
Courtesy Maureen Paley, London.

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