Lifting The Lid On Artsphere

After several months in development and more than a few late nights of coding, we’re pleased to welcome you to the new Artsphere site.

Aside from the layout and design changes there are plenty of new features, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to lift the lid on a few of them.

New Content

We’ve shifted the focus of the main site to bring you more news, reviews and articles. Our team of contributors will be bringing you regular creative arts content, including reviews of performances and exhibitions, commentary on the creative arts industry, and a range of ‘how to’ articles.

We will still be featuring your news too, so if you have a press release or news item, please send details (including an image we can use) through to

New Members Directory & Member Features

We have overhauled the members directory, moving towards more of a social networking style. As well as your profile, there are a number of new features available, many of which will already be familiar to Facebook and Twitter users.

Status Updates – Post your status update, in the standard 140 character format, to let other site members know what you’re doing.
Friends – Connect with other creative professionals and build up your friend list
Wire – The wire is your place to interact and converse with your Artsphere friends – think of it as the Artsphere equivalent to your Facebook wall.
Groups / Forums – Create a group, join groups, and join in group discussions via the new forums.
Events – A restyled events facility allows you to create and publicise your upcoming events.
Blogs – All members can now create their own blogs. Post your news, thoughts, opinions, articles and more to your very own Artsphere blog.

More Planned Features

That’s plenty for you to be getting on with I’m sure, but we have a few extra features we’re still working on and hope to introduce soon, including:

Job postings – we know a number of you are missing these and we’re working on the revised jobs board. In the meantime, send us your job opportunities and we’ll post them to the main blog.
Twitter integration – for those of you on twitter, we’re looking into how we might integrate your tweets directly into your Artsphere profile to save you typing things twice!
Facebook login – we hope to shortly bring you the ability to log into Artsphere with your facebook login, and to use your facebook profile picture.

Try It Out & Spread The Word

You can find more information about the site and how it works here. Plus we’ll be adding a members’ guide in the coming days with detailed information about all the member features.
The site is new, so there might be a little glich or two, though we hope not. But if you manage to stumble upon one, do let us know so we can sort it.
So, we hope you enjoy the new site, don’t forget to register and start making friends and connections, and promoting what you do! And tell all your creative friends about Artsphere – the more of us there are, the more effective the site becomes.

Finally, don’t forget to add your comment below, and let us know what you think of the site!

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