Free Art in London this week!

Giordano: ‘Perseus turning Phineas and his Followers to Stone’ National Gallery, room 32, every Monday in November at 4pm, 10 min talk
For a succinct but thorough analysis of this intriguing  seventeenth century painting; influenced by Caravaggio’s Medusa which is unfortunately all the way in Florence. This dramatic painting allows for much matching up of greying limbs to bodies and it is the largest depiction of a mythological subject in the National Gallery. (It’s also my favourite greek myth). If you’re feeling particularly erudite, go and read up on it in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. I stumbled across this talk quite by chance but recommend it, especially if you have little knowledge of seventeenth century art.

Anselm Kiefer at the White Cube, Mason’s Yard
Not quite the usual Kiefer but beautiful nonetheless.  Glass cases create a barrier between us and the inviting texture we come to expect of Kiefer. What they contain is intriguing and-if you go on a Tuesday morning when the gallery is empty- somewhat eerie too.  If it’s your first time at the White Cube don’t be put off, this is a must see.

Damien Hirst at the Wallace collection
Just to have a good laugh at old Damien’s attempt at painting really. He gets extra points for getting people to go to the treasure that is the Wallace Collection though.

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