Close Encounters in Solihull

Join Kirsty E. Smith for the launch of Close Encounters of a Frillip Moolog Kind in the G1 main exhibition space, Solihull Arts Complex, Thursday 22nd October, 6 to 7.30pm. Experience the intriguing world of Frillip Moolog, engage with Kirsty’s latest beings and enjoy a drink.

Close Encounters of a Frillip Moolog Kind has been described as joyous and uplifting. Kirsty E Smith’s fascinating mixed media sculptures (or “beings” as she prefers to call them) have captured the public’s imagination. Whatever the age of visitor, the overwhelming response has been surprise, amusement and happiness.

The sculptures inhabit the imaginary realm of Frillip Moolog – familiar yet strange; a curious place that draws on memory whilst commanding experience in the present. The exhibition gives a sense of a parallel, paradoxical dis-location. Simultaneously disconcerting and strangely comforting, Cyril, Ziggy, Stan and the other ‘beings’ that inhabit Frillip Moolog are contemporary sculptures, positioned between craft and fine art.

As Kirsty E. Smith conceives the beings, they are defined by the melding of eclectic materials that influence their final characteristics. The sourcing and provenance of materials is key to her work. She draws inspiration from Mid-Century modern architecture and furnishings, flamboyant showbiz costumes and vintage sci-fi props, making obvious yet surprising connections brought together with an expansive range of construction techniques and exquisite skilled needlework.

“I am inspired by old objects whose previous purpose is unknown or ambiguous. I had started to make Stan before I discovered that his body was once the hopper from the top of a drain pipe from a bus station. That blue is Birmingham Corporation Blue. He is angular and strangely shaped like 1950’s sci-fi spaceships and early satellites but the rest of his bulbous body is reminiscent of an alien growth. If Stan could talk he’d tell you of his love of flying model aeroplanes and that he is a well known Midlands radio ham.”

Close Encounters of Frillip Moolog Kind was enthusiastically received during the six weeks that it was shown in Notting Hill, London. The exhibition has now moved to Solihull, West Midlands, and runs until 14th November. Don’t miss this chance to explore the curious world of Frillip Moolog.

Solihull Art Gallery, Solihull Arts Complex
Library Square, Solihull, West Midlands B91 3RG
19th October – 14th November 2009
Monday & Thursday 9am-8pm  ::  Tuesday & Friday 9am-6pm
Wednesday 10am-6pm  ::  Saturday 9am-5pm

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